Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Have a Sunny Holiday with L'Oreal

It's that time of the year again...that time where you need to buy your summer make-up! Whether it's for a holiday, or just for those chilled out days spent reading magazines in the garden, these three items are sure to ready you for a day of fun in the sun!

These are my top 3 L'Oreal Paris products that you need this summer, and if you're lucky your local drugstore could have a 3-for-2 offer so go grab them while you can!

First up we have the L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream. I chose the anti-redness cream because I have very blotchy skin due to scarring from spots and spots that are irritated (it's just so annoying!), and what attracted me to the product was it's claim to give a "bare, weightless sensation". And that certainly didn't disappoint. It feels like moisturiser that covers up your imperfections, so during those hot summer days (that are rare but a make-up nightmare when they're here in England!) you can put a dab of this on instead of foundation and it feels so much nicer and fresher than when you're wearing a thick foundation that often slides down your face during the heat (however much powder you pile on!).

Of course, if you don't have an issue with redness, then why not try the anti-fatigue or anti-dullness? Or even the light cream if your skin is completely clear but you want a slight colour to your skin? When you rub the product in, the cream turns into a light foundation that blends to the colour of your skin-tone - fabulous!

L'Oreal Nude Magique - £9.99 from Superdrug
 So next up, the Million Lashes Excess mascara. I've heard a lot about the Million Lashes range by L'Oreal, so I had high expectations...and again I wasn't disappointed. There is an 'Excess Wiper' (hence why it's called Excess) which is a built-in wiper that removes the excess mascara from the brush, leaving a clump free and fanned-out effect that volumizes your lashes to the max!

You don't need much, one pop of the brush could happily coat both of my eyes for those natural days, but add and extra coat for a night-time look that will make you feel a million dollars (and I hope you noticed my pun!).

Unfortunately, this is one of the more expensive mascaras on the high-street market, but it's well worth the price if you're willing to take the plunge and part with the cash! I often struggle to find a really good mascara for a price I'm willing to pay, but this fits perfectly with my criteria and it's so worth the extra couple of pounds!

L'Oreal Volume Million Excess Mascara in Black - £10.99 from Superdrug
 Finally, I was looking through the powders and bronzers, contemplating which I needed more, and I came across this product on a display shelf that promotes the newest products...and I instantly fell in love. It's called the Glam Bronze Powder Duo in 101 - Blonde Harmony.

I was instantly obsessed with this product when I read that is had two natural looking shades specifically designed to "enhance the colouring of blondes and brunettes", and then went on to claim that it is the "gentle way to make you glow!". I loved how it offered both a powder of my colouring and then a complementary bronzer so it's essentially a 2-in-1 product - perfect! There's also a duo for darker brunettes to black hair too, so if you're too dark for the blonde then definitely go for that shade!

If you're a dark brunette, maybe naturally or dyed, but you have pale skin; I would still recommend going for the blonde version. That way the powder and bronzer suits your skin type - but that's all common sense really!

So overall I think these products are all you need for a lovely summer day, wherever you are! Add a bit of eyebrow pencil and you're set to go! I tried the look out myself, and it was perfect!

Maia x


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