Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Current Favourites

So I accidentally missed the July Favourites deadline (oops), as it is now well into August. But I've managed to gather a couple more favourites that I'm loving through August too, and I'm calling this my 'Current Favourites' (yes, I'm so clever).

On the far left is a book, as I'm sure you're already worked out (nice one, Maia). It's a kind of spin-off from the insanely popular Divergent series. It's based around the main male character of the series, called Four (yeah, you probably could've guess that too), and it's four short stories that are sort of a prequel to Divergent, so you get to know more about his past. So it's called Four, A Divergent Collection, and for all of those fans out there, you should go grab a copy because it also features popular scenes from the book that are told from his perspective like 'You Look Good, Tris', yeah that scene is included. Go bookworms!

And another new brand investment, it's my Urban Decay Basics Naked Palette. I'm so so late on the bandwagon with these, but I frankly never wanted to invest in so much money for eyeshadow...until I decided to compromise by starting on the cheaper high-end palette first (cheeky). So far, I really do like it. It covers all of the basic looks I wear on a day-to-day basis, and it's got a few darker shades for a night-out look, and I've found that they don't smudge or crease. Jumping straight from a well-loved £4 MUA palette to an Urban Decay one, I really can't complain because you do notice the difference when you pay a bit extra.

The gold mascara is the No7 Stay Perfect Mascara. I never normally look at the No7 products, and I'm not sure why because since my Mum (thanks, Mum) introduced me to this mascara, I've been totally hooked. The formula is clump-free and you go from a natural, daytime look with one coat to a ready-to-party night look with two coats and a smoky eye. I normally go for two coats with any mascara because I was 'blessed' with very short eyelashes, but I only need one with this bad-boy! No7 has got. mascara. covered.

I'm loving the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water that I actually picked up in Savers for a £1 less than Boots (bonus alert), and I'm obsessed with this stuff! You get two large cotton pads and you're sorted, it's easier than face wipes and so much better for your skin! This stuff cleanses, soothes and makes your skin feel so bright and fresh, I could never convert back! Not to mention, my face has been breaking out some serious spots lately, and I've found a dramatic decrease since using this - so amazing!

I'm sure you've noticed my very patterned pants over in the top right corner, and you can thank Topshop for these bad boys. They're called Diamond Tile Denim Leggings, and they're honestly the comfiest things in the world, and I'm so prepared to be wearing them a lot during the Autumnal season. They're thicker than leggings, so I feel like I've got all the security of a pair of jeans, with the comfort of leggings...what more can you want? Perfection, basically.

I can't give you a link for the watch, unfortunately, because it was on Sale and they don't have it on the website, but this is a cheeky impulse purchase from River Island. I'm just naturally drawn to all things rose gold, and this watch just happened to be one of those things that I couldn't put down. I'm sad to say that I can't afford a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs watch (student problems), and I feel like this will do just as nicely while I wait for money to magically appear in my bank (it won't). It's gorgeous, lightweight, and I'm impressed with all of the River Island watches because they're a really decent standard for the price! Oh, and I forgot to mention that mine was only £15! Oh yeah.

Lastly (wow this is a long post) I brought what I'm actually wearing on my nails right now, yes, it's another Gelly Barry M nail polish (in Rose Hip). I actually got this on the River Island counter the other day, and it's possibly my favourite shade in the range. It's a pastel pink, basically, and you know the drill with how fab these polishes are I'm sure, so it's pretty self-explanatory as to why it's in my Current Favourites.

So that's my favourites of right now, and if anyone can recommend any more make up bits and bobs for me to try (I'm looking for a new foundation, in particular), then let me know!

Maia x


  1. Yay!!!!!! This is such a good post. Lots of love x

    1. Aw thankyou! And thank you for the mention on your blog! Love ya x


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