Thursday, 23 October 2014

This Has Been A Crazy Month

Yes, I know I have some serious explaining to do. I haven't posted since the 9th October, I am ashamed to say, but I promise I have a valid explanation. I recommend that you go and grab a cuppa tea and a digestive biscuit, and let's have a quick catch up hey? I'll keep it brief so you don't get bored.

I definitely didn't anticipate how big the step-up is from Year 1 to Year 2 when it comes to A levels. Last year I just about got on top of deadlines and survived the continuous stress and pressure, and I was coping enough to survive the nine(ish) months left of Year 2. Oh boy I was in for a surprise. I probably was in a bit of a dream-land when I thought that Year 2 would be the same as Year 1, because honestly my teacher's have stepped up their game. Everything suddenly requires a whole lot more of my time. Balancing this with working at looking at Uni's every other weekend, blogging AND trying to have a social I don't do A level Maths and I know that this ain't gonna end well - something had to give. Turns out that I ended up neglecting my blog (that I love so much), but I'm catching up slowly and I'm pre-writing my blogs whenever I have a spare moment so I can just upload them regularly from now on!

So let me break down what's been on my mind this month:

  • I've been looking at a lot of Uni's: it's most definitely one of the most stressful things I've had to do, because none of them seem right and it's making me question if Uni is actually the right way to go if my heart isn't 100% into it. So confusing, send help.
  • I'm essentially doing three coursework-based A levels = a hella lot of work. My brain is going to explode with all the paperwork, drawings, transcriptions and essays that are taking over my entire life. If you think coursework is easier than exams, let me tell you that after dropping my exam based subject last year, it's really not.
  • I'm moving house! Things have been pretty crazy, we're (my family) buying a house to design from top to bottom from scratch at there are lots of trips to stores choosing kitchens and sinks and paint and shelves and carpets and so on, but this is definitely a GOOD crazy thing that's happening - I'm so excited.
I never realised how much I've been trying to cram into my life recently until I've actually sat down and spoken about it all, and honestly it feels so good to just spill it all out into a blog post that not many will actually see. It's the reason why I started blogging - I just love how I can forget about all the mayhem my life actually brings and I can just write about things that make me happy and connecting with other bloggers and the whole shabang (Brook, I'm liking this word). I'm definitely getting back into the blogging game again, I've missed it so much!

Thank you for sticking around guys, much love x

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  1. Oh hun, I'm glad you're loving the word shebang. Don't stress about anything, I'm always here for you. Evegryone will understand with your work load. Before you know it you'll be in your lovely new white bedroom, with A Levels under your belt and a blog doing great so stop stressing! I'll be here for you every step of the way. Love you millions. xxxxxxxxx

    Brook |


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