Thursday, 4 December 2014

Life Hacks: How To Do Everything

So we all bite off more than we can chew sometimes, that's just how it is. But what about if that was never an option, and we could balance consistent blogging with work, college, being with our family, our friends, and of course living (you know, eating and sleeping and all that)? Sounds easy.

  1. Set Alarms. Yes I know, an alarm, something that we all dread. Listen up, that snooze button has been tapped one (or five) too many times, and it's time to call it quits. If you really have to snooze it out, set your alarm to five or ten minutes earlier than normal, and you'll be up when you're supposed to be. Try it. And when it comes to bed-time? Set an alarm for that too. 11pm max.
  2. Get A Notebook. Get organised, it's that simple. It's Monday morning, the start of a brand new week, so start it on a high by writing down all the stuff that needs to get done this week. Make a table so you know what's going on in the week. College deadlines? Write them down. Work shifts? Make sure you're prepared for those lost hours if you've got an essay due. You'll find that you've got a lot of hours in a week than you feel like you have, because turns out, you've wasted three hours on Netflix every day (and that's 21 hours of your week, nearly a full 24 hours) and that room is not going to tidy itself.
  3. Eat Healthy. Exercise. You've heard it all before, being healthy and exercising and all that jazz. But, being all-round healthy will do more than help you shed a few pounds and fall in love with'll get more done. Running on coffee is definitely not going to keep you going when you've got so much to do. If you eat healthy and exercise (even if that's a 30 minute walk every day), you'll find that you have so much more energy and you'll be totally pumped to kick-ass at work tomorrow.
  4. Write Your Posts In Bulk. If you know you'll have a few hours spare one morning or evening, sit down and crack on with your blog posts. Get some pre-written and then you'll be all set to let a post go live even if you're on your lunch break at work. Watch that stress lift from your shoulders and watch your readers appreciate your consistency.
  5. Listen To Music. Make playlists. Bang out some Beyoncé whilst you work and you'll find that you'll be feelin' empowered and kick-ass and you'll get everything done twice as fast than if you're moping around in silence. Ladies, tell 'em, I woke up like 'dis.
  6. Keep Your Evenings Free. Don't plan to work 24/7, because you're only lying to yourself, basically. Make a mental note to relax no later than 8pm. Chill out with your family in the living room, eat a tonne of chocolate and have a drink. If you work at home, it's no different. Leave your work in your Office and call it a night. If you've planned properly, you shouldn't have to work any later. Same goes with the weekends. Plan a Costa with your friend, go to the cinema. Nobody ever said life was all work and no play.
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