Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Last month I got my hands on the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani cheek palette, and it's fair to say that I'm obsessed. There's a perfect shade for every occasion and every skintone.

This palette is the only piece from the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani collab that I own, so I haven't had a chance to test out the other products (note: the eyeshadow palette looks AMAZING). But if they're anything like this cheek palette, then I need all of them.

Most of the colours are shimmery, with Cherry and OC being the most matte. I love the variety of shades you're given, you couldn't possibly need another blusher right? With the shimmery blushes, I use them as a blusher/highlighter combo, because if I use highlighter as well as those blushers then it's a bit OTT and too fairy-like for my liking.

My favourite blusher that I've found myself reaching for most of the time is Angel. I'd describe it as a bronze/peachy shimmer and it looks gorgeous for everyday looks. It's not too much and doesn't give you orange cheeks, and you could easily build it up and go to town if you want to look super sparkly for a festival for example.

I'd say the one I use the least is Cherry. It's nothing personal, it's a gorgeous shade, but you do get Barbie pink cheeks which isn't really my thing. You can create a muted pink look on your cheeks if you use next to no product on the brush, but it can be a faff if you're in a rush as you've got to be sooo careful- it's super easy to go 1-100 with this colour, real quick.

From left to right: Angel, Easy, Cherry, Lo-Fi, Hush, OC

I'd say that aside from the to-die-for shades, I also love the practicality of this 2-in-1 palette. It's so quick and easy when I'm getting ready for work in the morning, and it's perfect for taking when you're going away somewhere overnight as it gives you endless options.

Get your hands on some items from the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani collection as it's limited edition and I'm not 100% sure when they'll stop stocking these products!

Maia xx


  1. Ok, glad to hear this is a good palette I did NOT like the eyeshadows and I think they're garbage so it's really cool to hear the blushes are excellent. I'll have to snag one ;) xx adaatude.com

    1. I had no idea the eyeshadow palette was rubbish!? But now I'm glad I didn't get it! Definitely try the cheek palette xx


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